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    Welcome to Music Theory at CU Boulder!

Welcome to Music Theory at the University of Colorado Boulder! Music theory forms an integral part of each College of Music student’s education, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate music majors take required courses in Music Theory (semesters 1-4) and Aural Skills (semesters 1-4), along with upper-division electives in tonal analysis, post-tonal analysis, counterpoint, jazz theory, composition and music technology. Graduate students may pursue study in advanced topics in music theory and analysis. The Master's degree in Music Theory equips students for theory teaching and original research and prepares them for advanced doctoral study.

Our faculty offer a broad array of research specializations that include analysis of the music of the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries; post-tonal theory; jazz theory; theories of rhythm and meter; pedagogy of music theory and musicianship; and popular music analysis. This flyer lists our faculty and areas of expertise

Each year the Music Theory Department hosts presentations and classes by distinguished scholars. Guests have included Richard Cohn, Poundie Burstein, Kofi Agawu, Elizabeth West Marvin, Robert Hatten, William Marvin, Brian Alegant and Suzannah Clark.

Department Faculty

Steven Bruns
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Yonatan Malin
Chair, Music Theory
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Daphne Leong
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Keith Waters
Professor of Music Theory
Philip Chang
Instructor, Music Theory
Mark Arnett
Instructor, Music Theory
Karin Buer
Lecturer, Music Theory