Faculty Conference Awards

The Research & Innovation Office (RIO) awards a limited number of grants to support planning and hosting conferences at CU Boulder on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Conference grants provide partial support for organizing conferences that promote and encourage the scholarship, research and creative work of the Boulder campus faculty. These awards are intended to support one-time or initial events, rather than established and/or annual events. Awards can be up to $3,000.


Any member of the faculty (emeritus or not) holding at least a one-half time, tenured or tenure track appointment, who requires financial assistance to organize a conference that promotes research or creative work on the Boulder campus, is eligible to apply for a conference grant. Also, rostered instructors on continuing funds may apply. (If questions, please clarify with your departmental graduate program assistant.)

Application Procedure

The Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation will consider conference applications on an ongoing basis. Applications should be submitted online. They will need to include a brief description of the conference, its significance, its benefits to the Boulder campus, and a specific budget plan (including other funding sources). Applicants must include their biosketch (maximum two pages), and biosketches for conference participants.

Basis of Awards

Conference grants are awarded on the basis of (1) the benefits of the conference to the Boulder Campus, faculty, and external research community, and (2) the research or creative record of the participants. The Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation gives priority to applicants who have other sources of funding and matching support from their department or dean. The Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation encourages proposals for conferences that are interdisciplinary or that promote new activities and new research connections between CU Boulder faculty and outside research and creative communities. Lower priority is given to yearly conferences held by scientific or scholarly organizations, with the exception of annual conferences that are major, international meetings that might occur on the Boulder campus infrequently, such as no more than once per decade.


Grants to support conferences do not exceed $3,000. Financial support may be requested for the following expenses.

  • Honorarium and/or travel and expenses for participants
  • Space and equipment rental
  • Publicity and/or reception expenses
  • Technical/special and student assistance
  • Organizational expense

Time Limit

Grants are awarded for a one-year period. Unspent balances revert to the Research & Innovation Office unless a written request for extension is submitted before expiration of the grant. An overdraft in a conference amount is the responsibly of the grantee, not RIO.

Final Report

At the end of the grant period, faculty grant recipients are required to report the conference results to the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation. Grantees should complete this survey within 60 days after the date of the conference. 

For any questions, email rio@colorado.edu