Aerospace Engineering Sciences

The Department of Aerospace Engineering Science at the University of Colorado Boulder is one of the top aerospace engineering departments in the nation. Aerospace engineers work on Earth and in space, not only to extend frontiers, but also to gain a deeper understanding of and to preserve our terrestrial environment. Aerospace graduate students often formulate degree plans based on their interests and needs. Portions of the program are designed to promote the student’s engineering and professional development. Graduate students are admitted into a specific focus area that include:

  • Aerospace Engineering Systems (AESys)
  • Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems (ASN)
  • Bioastronautics (Bio)
  • Remote Sensing, Earth and Space Science (RSESS)

The Professional Master of Engineering offers an affordable option for international and nonresident students, and for students who are interested in a more flexible coursework-only program.

Degree programs