Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research


The Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research works across disciplines to integrate satellite applications with the study of geophysical processes. The center focuses on astrodynamics, satellite oceanography and geodesy, space weather, and terrestrial vegetation studies—in addition to the use of next-generation global positioning satellite (GPS) applications in lunar and interplanetary mission design and navigation. Over 100 PhD students have graduated through CCAR since its inception in 1985.


Jeff Thayer 

Associated Faculty

  • Dennis Akos
  • Penina Axelrad
  • George H. Born
  • Webster Cash
  • Robert D. Culp
  • William J. Emery
  • Brandon Jones
  • Lakshmi Kantha
  • Delores Knipp
  • Robert Leben
  • James Maslanik
  • Jay McMahon
  • R. Steven Nerem
  • Scott Palo
  • Jeffrey Parker
  • Hanspeter Schaub
  • Daniel J. Scheeres
  • Jeffrey Thayer