Senior Design Projects

Welcome to CU-Boulder’s Aerospace Engineering Sciences Capstone Senior Design projects! The two-semester, eight-credit senior projects course is a comprehensive design experience that is the capstone of our bachelor of science program actively engaging students to synthesize and integrate the knowledge they have learned during their previous 3 years in our curriculum.


The fundamental course objective of the AES Senior Projects sequence, ASEN 4018 (Design Synthesis) and AES 4028 (Design Practicum), is to teach students how to ENGINEER a complex, inter/multidisciplinary design and implementation problem in a group environment.

Senior Projects focuses on the synthesis and application of the basic science, mathematics, engineering theory and design skills taught in the sophomore and junior years. It also provides the students with the opportunity to exercise and apply the more advanced material taught in the senior year. The course teaches basic knowledge in component and systems engineering design and provides an introduction into project management, including financial responsibility.

Educational Purpose

The purpose of the Senior Projects course is for students to learn the systems engineering process, develop professional skills, and integrate science and engineering knowledge in a rigorous, structured, requirements-based design environment.   Every project conceives, designs, manufactures, and tests a system to solve a specific customer problem. Learning outcomes include:

  • Problem identification
  • Requirements definition
  • Engineering design
  • Manufacturing to specifications
  • Systems engineering
  • System test and analysis
  • Project Management
  • Team dynamics
  • Communication skills
  • Professional-level responsibility
    and accountability
  • Customer interaction

Sponsor Benefits

Exploratory or proof-of-concept projects can be quite successful as an undergraduate capstone senior project.  Benefits to the customer include:

  • Faculty-mentored student teams work on targeted company problems
  • Opportunity to assess potential future employees
  • On-the-job training for potential future employees
  • Professional mentoring of the next generation of aerospace employees

Support of hands-on, project-based education

Professor Dale Lawrence

Senior Design Forms: