BTU lab on the CU-Boulder campus

BTU Lab unleashes innovation

ATLAS Institute is creating a "hacker space" in its BTU Lab (also known as "British Thermal Unit" or "blow things up" Lab) to create the next generation of innovators. The BTU Lab+Hacker Space is a "physical location where people get together and tinker, create or hack," says lab director Alicia Gibb.

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Jane and Phil Watkins, CU-Boulder alumni, who own a business that makes custom stained glass, including the pictured behind them.

The Illuminator

Over six decades, Phil Watkins Jr. (Art’70) has created or restored thousands of colored windows in churches, homes and commercial and civic buildings. 

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Five students standing in front of the Earth Station Antenna

Launching a career in space

Five engineering students looked to space with the Earth Station Antenna for their senior capstone project.

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