Photo of Mariah Hermsmeyer in front of the stage backdrop of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, which she helped paint.

Setting the mood

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival paint shop sets the scene for the summer productions.

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Jordan Campbell (Comm’91) leads one of the blind patients, “Lonnie,” into the Duk Lost Boys Clinic for his surgery on the first day of the medical mission. Lonnie was killed in intertribal violence days after Campbell left. Photography by Ace Kvale.

Peace in Sight

A medical mission to South Sudan, home to the world's highest rates of blindness, opens Jordan Campbell's eyes to a new direction — exposing the human toll of international conflict to wide audiences and cultivating the "global steward" in himself.


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CU-Boulder graduate student Abigale Stangl working in Peru

Empowering young women in Peru

For the second year, CU-Boulder doctoral student Abigale Stangl helped put on a Visionary Leadership Institute in Peru to empower young women. 

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Photo of Glenn Miller

Mystery solved

The 1944 disappearance of alum and big-band great Glenn Miller is explained on the PBS show 'History Detectives.’ 

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