Photo of CU-Boulder business professor Sharon Matusik.

Faculty in Focus No. 10

Professor Sharon Matusik gives students at the Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder the opportunity to take an entreprenurial idea and turn it into action.

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Portrait of CU-Boulder student Jade Gutierrez.

Art student seizes opportunities from scholarships

When Jade Gutierrez graduates, she’ll have two undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree. Quite an accomplishment considering that without scholarships, she might not have been able to attend college at all.

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Screen shot of CU-Boulder student-created app that uses gesture for language learning.

Nano Nano game puts Spanish into motion

A new student-created app -- the first to use gesture for language learning -- has players making jumping, hand-shaking, eating motions and more with their phones and tablets.

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Photo of CU-Boulder librarian Jennifer Knievel

Faculty in Focus

Despite all the technology available at Norlin Library, Jennifer Knievel's job as a research librarian is still as relevant as ever.

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