You will see the term "untapped" because it emphasizes the significant potential of students for whom opportunities in research and creative work have been lacking.

Because inequities in higher education persist, we must increase our efforts to make research and creative work more welcoming and inclusive–where everyone has the opportunity to bring their perspectives to solving the challenges of our time and enriching all lives with diverse creative works.

Explore the UROP Mentoring Guide to support your work with students—and contact urop@colorado.edu to recommend resources and offer feedback.

Many of these strategies and resources were compiled by Julie Graf and Lisa Romero de Mendoza, Biological Sciences Initiative (BSI), following the anti-racism event #ShutDownSTEM.  In collaboration with other campus programs, including UROPMcNairDLA and SPUR, it has been expanded to include all research and creative work.  Collectively we re-affirm our commitment to broadening participation in undergraduate research and creative work.

Download the Complete Practical Strategies for Inclusive Research and Creative Environments