Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game will be held at Rockies Stadium in Denver on July 13, 2021. CU Boulder experts can discuss the intersection of sports, politics and race, the history of the game, economic implications and more.

On economic implications 

Bran Lewandowski, executive director of the Business Research Division at Leeds School of Business, can discuss the economic impact of the All-Star Game on the state of Colorado, particularly when it comes to hotels and businesses in the Denver Metro area. 

On the history of game and altitude concerns 

Tom Zeiler, a professor of U.S. diplomatic history, co-teaches a popular course called "America Through Baseball" and has authored three books on the sport.  He can discuss the history of the All-Star game, the role of politics in baseball and concerns over the altitude difference. Availability limited, advance notice required*

On race and baseball

Patrick Ferucci, associate professor of journalism, can discuss how sports and society influence each other, particularly when it comes to race. Ferucci has extensively studied the different ways media portray athletes, including Major League Baseball players, based on race and how that perpetuates racial stereotypes in sport.

Contact: CU Boulder media relations