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Waiting for SCOTUS: pro-choice activists outside the US Supreme Court on November 1. Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

US abortion bans back before Supreme Court––globally more countries liberalizing access than restricting it

Nov. 30, 2021

Justices on the US Supreme Court are considering two challenges to abortion restrictions that could have wide-reaching implications. A CU Boulder expert shares on The Conversation Weekly podcast.

doctor prepares a vial of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Is COVID-19 here to stay? Team of biologists explains what it means for a virus to become endemic

Nov. 5, 2021

Some viruses go extinct, while others stick around. The virus that causes COVID-19 seems likely to remain with us for the long term. Three CU Boulder experts share on The Conversation.

man in business suit adjusts his jacket and tie

Why are investors so cocky? Biased memory might play a role

Nov. 2, 2021

Stock investors may selectively forget their money-losing stocks, according to new research. Overconfidence is often a contributing factor to market crashes, like the financial crisis of 2008. Associate Professor Philip Fernbach shares on The Conversation.

satellite image of earth

The science everyone needs to know about climate change, in 6 charts

Nov. 1, 2021

Take a closer look at what’s driving climate change and how scientists know CO2 is involved, in a series of charts examining the evidence in different ways. Senior Scientist Betsy Weatherhead shares on The Conversation.

UV light

Type of ultraviolet light most effective at killing coronavirus is also the safest to use around people

Oct. 26, 2021

UV lights come in a variety of different wavelengths, but not all are equally effective at disinfection. Researchers tested a number of commercially available lights to find the best––Professor Karl Linden shares on The Conversation.

Child working on laptop computer

Kids and their computers: Several hours a day of screen time is OK, study suggests

Oct. 12, 2021

New CU Boulder data suggests lots of time on screens may even improve peer relationships, but the study comes with caveats. Doctoral student Katie Paulich shares on The Conversation.

The twin buttes that give Bears Ears National Monument in Utah its name

Biden restores protection for national monuments Trump shrank: 5 essential reads

Oct. 8, 2021

The Biden administration is restoring full protection to three national monuments that President Trump sought to cut down drastically. Professor Mark Squillace and other experts dive into The Conversation archives to examine the controversy.

Fan pointed toward students in classroom

As heat waves intensify, tens of thousands of US classrooms will be too hot for students to learn in

Sept. 30, 2021

America’s public schools, which are more than 40 years old on average, are not equipped to handle rising temperatures due to climate change, a new study reveals. Professor Paul Chinowsky shares on The Conversation.

Teacher and student wearing masks

Why charter schools are not as ‘public’ as they claim to be

Sept. 30, 2021

Charter school enrollment grew during the pandemic. But behind these schools’ rising popularity is a history of harsh discipline, inaccessibility and targeted marketing. Professor Kevin Welner shares on The Conversation.

person protesting abortion ban

Study shows an abortion ban may lead to a 21% increase in pregnancy-related deaths

Sept. 24, 2021

Carrying a pregnancy to term is riskier than having an abortion, especially for non-Hispanic Black women. Sociology Professor Amanda Stevenson shares on The Conversation.