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global warming map courtesy of NASA

100 degrees in Siberia? 5 ways the extreme Arctic heat wave follows a disturbing pattern

June 26, 2020

The Arctic is warming about twice as fast as the planet as a whole, with serious consequences. Scientists have been warning about this for decades. Research Professor Mark Serreze shares on The Conversation.

Protesters smash the window of a Chase bank during protests in Oakland

A justification for unrest? Look no further than the Bible and the Founding Fathers

June 5, 2020

Understanding how unrest informed both early Christianity and the foundational stories of the United States can serve as a guide in this current period of turmoil. Professors Samira Mehta and Samuel L. Boyd share on The Conversation.

person wearing a mask juxtaposed over a cityscape

Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge

May 29, 2020

A mental health crisis has begun, as social isolation from the coronavirus and loss of jobs, income and loved ones have left people reeling. Assistant Professor June Gruber and a colleague share on The Conversation.

cumulus clouds and a blue sky

What would it feel like to touch a cloud?

May 28, 2020

If you’ve ever been outside on a foggy day, you’ve essentially been inside a cloud. Associate Professor Katja Friedrich answers Violet, age 6, in The Conversation’s Curious Kids series.

Artist rendition of the National Western Center, a net-zero campus under construction in Denver to house multiple activities

Buildings consume lots of energy—here’s how to design whole communities that give back as much as they take

May 26, 2020

Net-zero energy buildings produce at least as much energy as they use. Designing whole net-zero campuses and communities takes the energy and climate benefits to a higher level. CU Boulder researcher Charles F. Kutscher shares on The Conversation.

illustration of a rocket

To safely explore the solar system and beyond, spaceships need to go faster—nuclear-powered rockets may be the answer

May 21, 2020

An update of 50-year-old regulations has kickstarted research into the next generation of rockets, which could be the key to faster, safer exploration of space. Professor Iain Boyd shares on The Conversation.

Business closures and recent rain contribute to Los Angeles’ recent uptick in air quality.

COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for entrepreneurial approaches to climate change

May 13, 2020

The response to COVID-19 suggests how we can leverage entrepreneurial approaches to climate change. Associate Professor Jeffrey York shares on The Conversation.

person coughing

Coronavirus drifts through the air in microscopic droplets—here’s the science of infectious aerosols

April 27, 2020

When aerosols from an infected person float around in our environment, they may be a significant source of coronavirus transmission. Professor Shelly Miller shares on The Conversation.

green space in a city

3 ways nature in the city can do you good, even in self-isolation

April 20, 2020

Spending time at the beach or taking a walk in the park improve your well-being, and the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more important. CIRES research scientist Erin Leckey and her colleagues share on The Conversation.

Catholic Church services are being streamed through YouTube

Religious communities are offering baptism by Zoom—such innovation has deep historical roots

April 20, 2020

Faith communities are changing many traditional practices to deal with coronavirus restrictions. Assistant Professor Samuel L. Boyd shares with The Conversation how innovation has long been part of religious practice.