Published: May 3, 2023

The College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI) and the Program in Environmental Design (ENVD) are discussing plans for integration.

“The move will not change the degree programs for current students or the current research and teaching responsibilities of faculty in either unit, nor will it change the current levels of staffing,” Provost Russell Moore said. 

Earlier in the spring semester, Moore asked CMCI’s Founding Dean Lori Bergen and Environmental Design Program Director Stacey Schulte to begin working on a concept for integration. 

“Both entities have overlapping areas of strength—great undergraduate programs and highly productive and creative faculties with substantial experience in different dimensions of design, collaboration, innovation and community impact,” Moore said. 

Moore has asked Bergen and Schulte to submit a project implementation plan by June 1 that includes a timeline, a process and other elements to complete the integration.

The Program in Environmental Design emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to education for next-generation designers of the built environment. With an emphasis on creative problem solving, an integration with CMCI will support its research, scholarship and creative work.

“Our mutual interests in design and community engagement, as well as our shared values of social justice and climate action, create exciting opportunities,” Schulte said. 

Bergen cited similar efforts elsewhere.

“Other universities have brought together similar entities to create dynamic, innovative and multi-disciplinary colleges focused on creativity, innovation and experiential learning,” Bergen said. 

Bergen and Schulte emphasized that many administrative and academic details are yet to be worked out for an integration to happen but, “we will work out as many of these as possible with input from faculty, staff and other stakeholders,” Bergen said.