Published: Oct. 7, 2022

Title image: Professor Andrew Hamilton dons a wizard costume to teach attendees all about black holes. Photo courtesy of CU Wizards, 2018.

Frankenstein, rocks from space, sink or swim, cumulus clouds, and the chemistry of cooking—these are just some of the science topics on tap for this semester's family-friendly CU Wizards series, led primarily by faculty.

Under the direction of Professor David Nesbitt, these free interactive shows are presented once a month on Saturdays from September through June. The shows are geared toward children and young adults, but all are welcome to attend! 

Each program starts at 9:30 a.m. and lasts about an hour. No reservations are required. Most shows take place in the Duane Physics (G1B30) or Cristol Chemistry (CHEM 140, 142) buildings, but this year there are special programs scheduled to take place at Old Main Chapel Theater and Fiske Planetarium. Parking is available in the Euclid parking structure.

See what's coming up this year:

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein—The Ethics of Science

Oct. 22
 Storysmith Susan Marie Frontczak
CHEM 142

Rocks from Outer Space!

Nov. 12
Professor Brian Hynek
Fiske Planetarium
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Sink or Swim!

Dec. 3
Professor Mathias Weber
CHEM 140
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The Tumultuous Life of Cumulus Clouds

Jan. 21
Professor Katja Friedrich
Duane G1B30
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Surfing with a Mathematician

Feb. 25
Professor Mark Hoefer
Duane G1B30
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Chemistry of Cooking

March 11
Professor David Nesbitt
CHEM 140
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April 15, May 20 programs TBA

CU Wizards schedule in English and Español


Very BIG! very small… Microscopy & the Powers of Ten!

June 24
Professor Tom Perkins
Duane G1B30
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