Published: Sept. 7, 2022

The Office of Undergraduate Education in partnership with the Office of Information Technology continues to improve and refine the undergraduate course alert, an important component in helping students stay on track academically.

The course alert process aligns with the university's strategic priority of creating a common student-centered approach to teaching and learning and aims to improve retention and graduation rates for students. When students are alerted early in the semester, they have the time to take action, whether that means seeking additional instructor help or guidance, engaging a tutor or modifying their schedule accordingly.

“I encourage all undergraduate instructors to support their students by participating in the course alert process,” said Daryl Maeda, dean and vice provost of undergraduate education. “When instructors submit a form well before the drop deadline, it gives students a much better chance to turn around their academic performance and stay enrolled in the class.”

Instructors of undergraduate lecture, seminar, studio, lab and workshop courses across campus are encouraged to complete a feedback form on student performance in their classes. They can submit alerts more than once a term, but only once per student. Instructors are encouraged to submit their alerts early and well before the drop deadline for the term to help students improve their academic performance in the class. 

Students are notified via email shortly after an instructor identifies them; additionally, advisors and other student success staff will then be able to reach out to students to offer resources and suggestions for improving performance.

Students attend their first day of class in Teresa Foley's Introduction to Epidemiology

Course alert schedule for fall 2022

Undergraduate instructors will receive specific instructions for submitting course alerts in the first few weeks of the semester. For more information, visit the course alert page with the expanded fall schedule.