Course Alerts are an important component in student success. The goal is to provide outreach to students who may be struggling, to make them aware of the support resources readily available to them, thereby boosting student retention and success.

A course alert may be submitted for students who are not completing assignments, are missing class, are performing poorly on tests and assignments, or are otherwise struggling and may need help.  Instructors from courses across campus are being asked to fill out a feedback form on student performance in their classes. Advisors and other student success staff will then be able to reach out to students to offer resources and suggestions for improving performance.

We are undertaking these outreach efforts to complement the instructional support of these students by intentionally having our advising and coaching staff engage with them and encourage the use of college and campus resources to help them get back on track. The sharing of this information is within FERPA parameters with an “educational need to know” to support student success. 

You can get more information on the OIT website.