Detachment 105 is located on the CU Boulder campus where AFROTC classes are held each week during the academic year. We are the seventh largest (of 145) AFROTC detachment nationwide and host the widest range of satellite schools in the state of Colorado. 

***NOTE:  AFROTC classes will no longer be held at UCCS after the Spring 2019 term.  Upon the start of Fall 2019, UCCS cadets will be required to commute to Boulder for AFROTC classes and Leadership Laboratory.  Spring 2019 UCCS applicants will need to do in-person inprocessing at Boulder on 7 or 8 Jan (see the "How to Join" tab for details). In-processing is non-negotiable and there will be no in-processing at UCCS for the Spring semester. For more details on AFROTC at UCCS, please visit the UCCS AFROTC Det 105 website