Published: May 4, 2022

CU Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano met with the Boulder City Council on Tuesday to further spotlight the Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Summit, which will enable both the campus and the entire Boulder community to convene some of the world’s most pre-eminent thought leaders in support of human rights-based climate solutions. 

In addition to on-campus events, the campus is eager to collaborate with the city of Boulder to develop community events that will complement summit programming, Chancellor Philip DiStefano said. 

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and what an honor for it to be coming to Boulder and the university, given the university’s status as an eminent world research institution and a longtime innovator in climate solutions,” said Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett. “We are ready to partner however it’s helpful on this important event.”    

The summit will be held Dec.1–4, 2022, at the University of Colorado Boulder and is being co-hosted by CU Boulder and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (U.N. Human Rights). The event will consist of a combination of in-person and virtual participants from around the world to discuss and find solutions for the humanitarian ramifications of climate change, a crisis that has directly touched the Boulder community. 

“The summit will be a tremendous opportunity to showcase not just the university, but the entire Boulder community and highlight our commitment to these issues,” DiStefano said. “The city of Boulder has set numerous specific goals around climate action, and I know CU Boulder shares the same concerns and ambitions when it comes to addressing this problem.”   

The worldwide visibility of the event provides the unique opportunity to highlight the city of Boulder’s actions on climate change, including its new Cool Boulder nature-based climate action campaign, as well as the city’s ambitious goals to reduce emissions 70% by 2030, be net zero by 2035 and be carbon positive by 2040. The climate summit also promises to further establish Boulder and CU Boulder as leaders in helping accelerate impactful solutions and action on human-centered climate solutions in Colorado, the country and the world. 

As a global leader in climate, environmental and energy research, the University of Colorado Boulder is partnering with United Nations Human Rights to co-host the Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Summit in fall 2022. 

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