Published: March 15, 2022

Hello Buffs,

We know this is a busy time in the academic year, but take heartyou’re in the homestretch and will soon be able to rest and recharge during spring break.

Chief of Police Doreen Jokerst

Chief of Police Doreen Jokerst

Dean of Students JB Banks

Dean of Students JB Banks

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we take this opportunity to remind you to be considerate and safe. Please look out for each other and your neighbors, whether on campus, on the Hill or anywhere in Boulder.

We hope you take advantage of some of the many activities planned on campus for St. Patrick’s Day, including green milkshakes and good luck charms! Join your fellow Buffs and have some fun!

Remember to follow the city of Boulder ordinances on noise, fireworks, outdoor furniture and littering, as we are all citizens of this beautiful town. Boulder police will have increased patrols and ordinance enforcement throughout the holiday. 

Hosting a party? In an effort to work collaboratively with students, we remind you of these party registration protocols. Registration is free, and if your party is registered, police are more likely to issue you a warning (and give you 20 minutes to shut things down) before issuing a nuisance party ticket. 

If attending a party, follow these tips to party smart. Use the buddy system and keep an eye on each other throughout the night. If you’re ever concerned about your safety or someone else’s don’t hesitate to call for help

Please enjoy our warmer spring weather and our beautiful surroundings responsibly and safely.


Doreen Jokerst
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Chief of Police

JB Banks
Dean of Students and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs