Published: July 21, 2021

CU Boulder’s Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (SCCR) has received what is likely the last large batch of police referrals tied to the March 6 riot. 

New cases are possible. However, the bulk of cases have been accounted for, according to Devin Cramer, acting dean of students.

“This marks a significant step toward holding the students who participated responsible,” Cramer said. “The conduct we saw on March 6 was unacceptable, and pursuing these cases remains a major priority.”

The Boulder Police Department, CU Boulder Police Department and SCCR have been working together to investigate and adjudicate cases of misconduct from the riot.

As police investigations are completed, cases involving CU Boulder students are referred to SCCR. When a CU Boulder student is identified and found responsible under the university student code of conduct, they are subject to possible disciplinary sanctions, based on the level of the violation and the student’s responsibility.

SCCR only adjudicates cases for CU Boulder students, and the police investigations determined that not all of the participants in the riot were CU Boulder students.

As a result of the March 6 riot:

  • SCCR has resolved 55 student conduct cases. Of those cases, 47 students were found to have violated university policy.
    • Forty-three students received probation or formal probation.
    • Four students received a suspension.
    • Information on the SCCR website explains what probation, formal probation and suspension entail at CU Boulder.
  • SCCR has 70 cases under review.
  • A total of 123 referrals did not contain sufficient information for a student conduct process at this time.
  • For the most current updates, please visit CU Boulder’s COVID 19 Dashboard.

Ongoing investigations

No student referrals to date included attacks on law enforcement. Several referrals were received without information or supporting evidence. SCCR will continue to hold students accountable as investigations are completed.

As we head into the fall semester, students are encouraged to act with respect, integrity and compassion and remember you are a Buff wherever you are.

This summer and fall, the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Government and Community Engagement and the CU Boulder Police Department will continue collaboration with the City of Boulder and neighborhood groups to foster an improved sense and experience of community on the Hill.