Published: April 15, 2021

CU Boulder is hosting a pair of Campus Master Plan virtual open house presentations on April 21 and 27 to give the campus community an opportunity to provide feedback on the efforts of the project team to date, with an aim of finalizing the plan later this year.

The intent of the Campus Master Plan (CMP) is to lay out a vision for the campus physical environment that best supports CU Boulder’s core mission of education and research. The CMP will focus on the development and maintenance of campus facilities over the next 10 years while also projecting a 30-year overall vision. The university has a statutory requirement to update the Campus Master Plan every 10 years, with the current CMP approved by the Board of Regents in 2011.

The CMP project team kicked off the initiative last fall by inviting the campus to participate in an interactive mapping exercise. The team has since engaged with hundreds of stakeholders from the colleges and schools, more than two dozen operational units on campus, representatives of CU Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Government, and city staff to gather valuable insights and help shape the 10-year planning effort.

Times and Zoom links for the virtual open house sessions are as follows:

Each session will include presentations from the project team and time for questions from attendees. The presentation will also be posted on the Campus Master Plan website for those who are unable to attend one of the sessions. The April 21 session will be tailored to the campus audience, and the April 27 session will include a specific focus for members of the broader Boulder community, though anyone is welcome to join either session.

“The participation and feedback of our campus community has proven vital during this process, particularly as the pandemic has altered the way we look at teaching, learning, research and the office environment,” said David Kang, vice chancellor for infrastructure and sustainability. “We’re excited to present the scenarios the team has put together as we work to craft a land-use and development plan that is sustainable, resilient, adaptable and supports the themes and priorities stemming from Academic Futures and campus efforts around inclusivity and community building.”

The Campus Master Plan is the culmination of multiple cross-campus collaborative efforts. In particular, it builds on the work of the Strategic Facilities Visioning initiative that was completed in the fall of 2019 with the development of a digital planning tool that aids campus leadership in making the most meaningful and impactful infrastructure investment decisions that are in alignment with the long-term vision for our campus. The Campus Master Plan also incorporates the efforts of the Transportation Master Plan, Housing Master Plan and Energy Master Plan sub-planning initiatives. 

The CMP team plans to submit a final draft of the plan for leadership review and approval this summer before taking the plan to the Board of Regents and Colorado Commission on Higher Education for final approval in the fall.