Published: Sept. 22, 2020

CU Boulder has expanded its weekly monitoring testing program to predetermined groups of staff and faculty identified as having regular close contact with students, colleagues or visitors, particularly those working in the residence halls. 

The expansion covers roughly 900 employees. This includes primarily frontline staff, including custodians, facilities maintenance workers, dining staff and Environmental Health and Safety staff, as well as those living and working in residence halls.  

Supervisors of employees identified for this program have been notified. Like residence hall students, identified employees will be required to commit to weekly saliva tests provided by the BioFrontiers Institute at the on-campus monitoring sites. Human Resources is working with these supervisors to ensure employees know when and where to go for testing and what to do if a test is positive.   

Criteria for determining which groups would first be identified for the program included those at high risk of close contact as defined by campus guidance and those who work or live in the residence halls.

Regardless of whether they are part of the groups of employees identified for the expanded testing, all faculty and staff who have been identified as close contacts through contact tracing will have access to testing at the Public Health Clinic at Wardenburg