Published: Jan. 30, 2020

We’ve shared with you breakfast and lunch dining hall hacks the past few weeks, and we are back with more creations. This time we have dinner, drink and dessert ideas that will make your dining hall experience more exciting. Give the recipes below a try! 

root beer float with ice cream and a red striped paper strawDinner

BLT chopped salad

Salads can get boring after many visits to the dining centers, but we’ve come up with a solution to liven up your next dinner salad. To make a BLT chopped salad, visit the salad bar and simply pick your lettuce base and top with ingredients such as tomato, avocado, corn, feta cheese, bacon, olive oil, lemon wedges and finally salt and pepper.

Pizza bagel

We have all heard of bagel bites, but how about a giant bagel bite that tastes even more delicious? Microwave a toasted bagel with sauce from the pasta line and cheese from the salad bar.

Veggie quesadilla

Use cheese and veggies from the salad bar to make a quesadilla. You can find tortillas from the Latin station and melt everything together using the panini press.


Peppermint hot chocolate

Peppermint hot chocolate is just as delicious as it sounds. Try some hot chocolate with peppermint tea and you’ll be going back for seconds.

Meal plans, Munch Money and Campus Cash

All three dining centers on campus (the C4C Dining Center, Sewall Dining Center and Village Dining Center) accept meal plans, Munch Money and Campus Cash. The C4C and Village Dining Centers also accept credit/debit cards.

Students living in the residence halls have a meal plan, providing 15 or 19 meals per week plus a balance of Munch Money. Students living in Graduate & Family Housing, Bear Creek Apartments or living off campus can purchase a Block Meal Plan at any time during the fall or spring. Campus Cash can be added to your Buff OneCard online or at the Buff OneCard office.

Jazz up your coffee

Spice up your coffee with chocolate or caramel sauce from the dessert station.


Did someone say ice cream sandwich?

Make your own cookie ice cream sandwich by taking two cookies from the dessert station and adding a scoop of ice cream in the middle.

Healthy apple pie

Okay we know you’re probably thinking, “Healthy apple pie? Gross!” But, you need to trust us. Cut up apples in a bowl then add a drizzle of honey. Mix in about one-half teaspoon brown sugar and top with granola for some crunch. It tastes like a slice of apple pie without all the calories!

Make a root beer float

You can’t go wrong with a classic root beer float. Grab a cup from the drink area, ask for a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream from the dessert station and then fill the cup with root beer.