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College is no time for comfort zones. Instead, why not take a step into the unknown with some of the coolest and most interesting classes at CU Boulder? Complete with hints from the teachers themselves, the following list includes courses open to students across all disciplines. 

The Zombie and The Ghost of Slavery—FREN1880

Here’s a good reason to drag your bones out of bed: studying zombies. We can’t make this up. The zombie has become a pop culture icon featured in hit TV shows, books and countless movies. But what made the flesh-eating reanimated corpses a point of fascination in American culture?

This course examines the origins of the zombie, dating back to the plantations of colonial Haiti where the legend first began. Hint: If you want to watch The Walking Dead for homework, take this class.

Tolkien’s Nordic Sources and The Lord of the Rings—SCAN1202

golden ringWhile studying maps of Middle Earth probably won’t satisfy your geography requirement, reading about hobbits could help you on your journey to a degree. Considered one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most famous works, The Lord of the Rings is known to many as one of the greatest fantasy series of all time.

This course surveys the folklore, mythology and fairytales Tolkien used as inspiration for his saga, while teaching students how to critically and creatively analyze fiction. Hint: This class counts as an Arts and Sciences core literature and the arts credit and an Arts and Sciences gen ed distribution-arts humanities credit.

Hacker Culture—MDST2012

CU Boulder is breeding a new generation of hackers—well, sort of. Taught by journalist and author Nathan Schneider, this course examines how hacker culture developed from a geeky pastime to a rhetoric adopted by CEOs and management consultants.

And, because hacking is not a spectator sport, students will actually learn the basics of ‘white hat’ hacking. All levels of technical expertise welcome. Hint: This class fills up fast and has a small waiting list. 

Comics and Graphic Novels—ENGL 3856-002 comic book "pow" graphic

Want to read comic books for homework? This course delves into the world of superheroes and villains, allowing students to explore the artform responsible for the highest grossing movie franchise in history (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Students will read The Dark Knight ReturnsWatchmen and other graphic novels, while getting the chance to write their very own comic book at the end of the semester. Hint: This class is also offered to engineering majors, specifically, as ENES3848.

Intro into Extended Reality—CMDP 3510

Interested in designing virtual reality? This course is the perfect gateway into immersive media production. It provides hands-on experience, allowing students to create their own virtual and augmented reality applications, such as CU Boulder Snapchat filters and virtual reality horror games.

Although there is currently a long waitlist for this class, keep an eye out for future semesters! Hint: Professor Gnerre often waves prerequisites for students from other disciplines.