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How are you feeling, winter grads? With the fall semester rapidly coming to a close in just a few weeks, we imagine most of you are in full finals preparation mode and gearing up to end your college careers on a high note these last few weeks. Senior Class Council is here to support you! 

We sat down with senior and soon-to-be-graduate Eileen Ford to get an inside look at how our winter grads are doing. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Ford is a speech, language and hearing science major and is pursuing a linguistics minor. Here, Ford reflects on her college career, what she’s looking forward to after graduating this semester and dishes advice for new Buffs.

Eileen FordWhy did you choose to attend CU Boulder?

Initially when I was choosing which colleges to apply to, I had a few criteria. Generally I wanted a large, out-of-state school. I also knew the type of program I was looking for, so the school needed to have something along the lines of CU’s SLHS program. Lastly, I really enjoy snowboarding, so the school I chose had to allow me to snowboard occasionally.

The first time I visited Colorado was actually in the spring of my senior year of high school after I had been accepted. I was here for 48 hours, if that. Honestly, I am not sure what about CU was the deal maker. It just seemed right. CU has yet to disappoint me!

What has been your favorite memory in the last three and a half years here?

My favorite memory at CU is storming the football field and basketball court after major wins. I love cheering on the Buffs with my friends!

How are you feeling about graduating this winter? Do you have any tentative plans for after graduation?

I am really excited to graduate and have a little bit of time off before heading off to grad school. As of now, my plan is to work, snowboard and apply to grad schools for audiology. Hopefully, I will be able to start a program in the fall.

Are you involved with any organizations or work on campus?

I am part of an organization called Alpha Phi Omega (APO). APO is a coed, community-service-based fraternity. I love the organization and the people involved. They’re like my family away from home.

I also spent a year working in a research lab and gained a few publications from the experience.

What advice do you have for any freshmen who might be reading?

The best advice I received going off to college was to say yes. Everyone is in the same boat of not knowing anyone. If you are invited to join people and the chosen activity isn’t your favorite, still say yes and join the group. No one is there for the activity, they are there to meet people. Do not stress, as it will all work out in the end!