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Peace Corps volunteerInterested in developing your intercultural competence and leadership skills? Missing your study abroad experience or yearning to travel abroad? Are you looking to gain more skills to utilize in any professional setting after graduation? Do you need to add volunteer experience to your résumé?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then it is time to consider Peace Corps Prep!

Peace Corps Prep is an undergraduate certificate program, available to all CU students, that offers specific job skills and volunteer experience, foreign language training, intercultural competence courses and professional leadership development.

This program is beneficial for your future career, regardless of whether or not you will go on to become a Peace Corps volunteer. Here are five reasons to consider the Peace Corps Prep certificate.

Regardless of whether or not you will go on to become a Peace Corps volunteer, here are five ways Peace Corps Prep can benefit your career.

Get a leg up on your Peace Corps application

Interested in volunteering with the Peace Corps? Gain a competitive advantage after graduation when applying to a Peace Corps volunteer.

Combine coursework with hands-on experience

Combine your CU coursework with hands-on experiences you are passionate about! From helping forge a global movement to protect the planet, to educating the world’s future leaders and building healthy communities, you will specialize in a sector and complete at least three courses plus 50 hours of related experience in that work sector.

Develop intercultural competencies

Develop intercultural competencies that are essential in today’s globalized world. Regardless of whether you go on to serve in the Peace Corps, the mix of courses you’ll enroll in will build your capacity to better understand cultural differences while shifting your own perspective and behaviors.

Gain, utilize leadership experience

Utilize your leadership experiences toward the completion of this program. Already taking on a leadership role on campus? Great—you can check off this requirement! Need some motivation to get involved and have a leadership experience?

This program will provide you with the support and skills needed to organize, lead or serve your community right here in Colorado.

Make your résumé stand out

Craft your résumé and interview skills with the assistance of Career Services, while also adding something unique that is bound to make you stand out to any employer: a Peace Corps Prep certification directly from the U.S. Peace Corps!

Learn more and apply.