Published: Sept. 24, 2019

Family Weekend is quickly approaching! If you have friends or family coming to visit your new home at CU, here are some tips and ideas for things to do and talk about.

Family poses for photo on campus during annual Family WeekendVisit the best spots on campus

Show your family, guardians or friends your favorite parts of campus. Here are a few ideas and spots to share as you explore campus:

  • Take a scenic photo on Farrand Field
  • Visit the Ralphie statue outside Folsom Field
  • Have lunch in one of the dining centers
  • Check out the Lego exhibit at the CU Heritage Center in Old Main
  • Walk across the bridge over Varsity Lake
  • Visit the CU Art Museum or CU Museum of Natural History
  • Take a break by the UMC fountains
  • Stop by the Rec Center

Share your hobbies outside of the classroom

How do you spend your time outside of class? Whether it’s hiking, attending club meetings or visiting your favorite coffee shop on The Hill, share some of your daily routine with your family.

Talk about your classes

What do you enjoy most academically at CU Boulder? Do you have a favorite class or professor? Share a bit about your academic experience and what you’re looking forward to for the rest of the semester.

Try not to avoid important conversations

Whether your grades aren’t where you hoped they’d be or you are thinking of switching your major, be open about it. Family members, guardians and friends are part of your support system. Bringing up these topics might make you nervous, but they can help support you and figure out next steps.

Choose a quiet area to talk, and explain why you want to have a conversation and what you hope will come of it.