Published: Sept. 3, 2019

Academic Futures recommended a comprehensive approach to teaching with technology and reimagining online and distance education as one of four lead projects, and the concept figures prominently as a guiding principle of space planning and resource support in Strategic Facilities Visioning and Financial Futures. 

Later this week, the campus will announce a path forward on this project, responding to the recommendations of the Academic Futures-Financial Futures Online Strategy Working Group and to the philosophy statement on Teaching Excellence Independent of Modality adopted last year.

The teaching with technology, online and distance strategy, when fully enacted, will expand the opportunities for learning for CU students wherever they are, using educational technology to promote equity and accessibility and giving CU Boulder faculty a dynamic tool to leverage their research, scholarship and creative work via exciting new modalities. 

The path forward will also establish a baseline culture of innovation regarding online teaching and excellence, continuously adding to the teaching options faculty enjoy.

This furthers the public good in myriad ways: first and foremost by placing the combined excellence of CU Boulder’s globally ranked faculty into the hands of students at CU Boulder —helping them to earn their degrees more quickly and with less debt—and then extending these resources to students all over the world, providing intellectual resources to fuel both personal advancement and community development.