The Academic Futures Committee recommended that the campus develop a comprehensive approach to our use of technology in our educational enterprise, including online and distance education. Fundamental to this recommendation is a focus on teaching excellence, regardless of modality. 

Goal: Coordinated Use of State-of-the-Art Technology to Create a CU Boulder-Specific Strategy for a Spectrum of Education Modalities from Blended Learning to Online and Distance Education

Concrete First Steps:

  • Charge the schools and colleges and their faculties and deans with the accountability and academic oversight for all of their online and distance education courses, degrees, and certificates, as well as for developing a path that leads to enhanced technology use in the classroom
  • Charge the deans of colleges and schools, in partnership with their units, to ensure that enough courses are available online to effectively and flexibly enable students to participate, both as residents and remotely.

Dean Robert McDonald has been asked to lead a committee that will develop a pathway for campus to achieve success in this arena. The committee will take up its work immediately, working off of an online and distance learning philosophy statement endorsed by Provost Moore and based upon the recommendations of the Academic Futures Committee, the Academic Futures public engagement process (white papers, unit-level meetings, town halls) and conversations amongst the campus’s academic leadership.

Members of the working group include:

  • Chris Braider, chair and professor, French and Italian, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Donna Caccamise, Assoc. Dir./Assoc. Research Professor, Institute of Cognitive Science, the Graduate School
  • Robert Erickson, Professor and Interim Chair of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Orrie Gartner, Director of Operations, OIT
  • Karen Gebhardt, Director of Online Economics Programs, Economics, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dirk Grunwald, Professor and Director of Applied Computer Science, Computer Science, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Lonni Pearce, Senior Instrutor/Assoc. Director for First-Year Writing, Program for Writing and Rhetoric, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Emma Rinzler, student, Leeds School of Business
  • Geoffrey Rubinstein, Director of Online Learning, Division of Continuing Education
  • Jeremy Smith, Professor of Musicology, College of Music

Working Group Lead

  • Robert McDonald, Dean of the Libraries

Ex Officio

  • Jeff Cox, Professor of English and Humanities, College of Arts & Sciences; Former Vice Provost and Assoc. Vice chancellor for Faculty Affairs, convener of Academic Futures
  • Emily CoBabe-Ammann, Director of Strategic Projects, RIO, facilitator of Academic Futures
  • Aisha Jackson, Online Workstream Lead, Financial Futures