Published: Aug. 22, 2019

Exploring the theme of intent and impact and focusing on experiences to develop skills and tools for effective inclusive practices, the upcoming campus Diversity and Inclusion Summit on Nov. 12-13 stands to benefit all who attend with rich dialogue and productive breakout sessions.

Campus One Read

This year's campus one-read book is Sabrina and Corina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine⁠—a Colorado author. This book is a collection of short stories. It captures a compelling and diverse set of experiences and is set in Colorado as a backdrop.

The sessions are designed to augment course content as well as class interactions, regardless of discipline. Event organizers from the chancellor's advisory committees, Staff Council and The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (ODECE) are encouraging faculty members and instructors to consider adding the event, “Intent and Impact: What Now?” to their fall syllabi.

The summit will also include:

  • An update regarding our campuswide strategic initiative Academic Futures and the focus themes/projects for this academic year
  • Keynote and plenary sessions that touch on current events and the broader implications of our theme
  • Productive breakout sessions to learn about recommended practices for making excellence inclusive, interrupting microaggressions, and becoming observant and responsive regarding continuing struggles involving human rights, freedom and power
  • Complementary course content—Information that can expand students’ knowledge as related to professors’ courses, as sessions are presented by CU Boulder faculty and professional practitioners

Details, including a full program, will be available at the summit website. Campus community members, including faculty and staff, are encouraged to propose a session.

Committee preview

In the 24 years that the Diversity and Inclusion Summit has been offered on campus, we have worked to highlight the latest and best information on diversity and inclusion and showcase our local expertise.

This year, the committee is extending last year’s theme of intent vs. impact as intent and impact⁠—the evolution in this language is significant. To unpack the theme, the committee writes: “In order to have an impact in the world, people take actions, and these actions are driven by our intentions. Sometimes, there is a gap between what we intended and the impact we caused. When these miscommunications occur, we can feel stuck, and even trapped. Let’s explore ways forward while being mindful of both our intent and impact. How might we engage our ears to listen, our minds to strategize, and our hearts to act as we work on closing the gaps?”

The 29th Diversity and Inclusion Summit offers two days of workshops and interactive experiences to help reduce fear and uncertainty, learn on many levels, and develop skills and tools for effective inclusive practices.

The summit planning committee is composed of representatives from the chancellor’s advisory committees, Staff Council, student affairs, athletics, and the city of Boulder. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Summit is a free conference open to CU Boulder and CU System students, faculty, staff, campus affiliates, and city of Boulder personnel.