Intentionality: Humanity in Action

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 

University Memorial Center

The summits this year will address how we move from merely talking about diversity and inclusion to how we model behaviors and practices that allow us to get back to the heart of who our work impacts -- people.

Intentionality is about what you do and how you do it. In diversity and inclusion practices, how are your actions giving voice to and lifting up others? In what ways are you identifying and addressing the needs of the communities that your actions impact? What questions are you asking to inform your work? What biases are you dismantling so that you can best serve the communities in which you operate?

Summit Sessions

Featured Sessions:

Sabrina & Corina: Stories
Kali Fajardo-Anstine
9 - 10:30 am | UMC Glenn Miller Ballrooms

Kali Fajardo-Anstine, the author of the Campus One Read book, Sabrina & Corina: Stories, will open the summit as the featured presenter. Her collection of short stories, set in Colorado, lean into themes of race, feminism, queerness, and class and explore how societal systems impact the characters in her book.

Power of Place: Gentrification and Identity through the Lens of Sabrina & Corina: Stories
Amanda Ruybal, Christina Sigala, Irene AguilarChris Meschuk and Kali Fajardo-Anstine
11 am - 12:15 pm | Glenn Miller Ballroom Center

Gentrification and the effects it has on cultural identity is a prominent theme in the campus One Read, Sabrina & Corina. Today, the Denver and Boulder areas are feeling the effects of decades of gentrification and displacing communities. This panel will feature CU students and community leaders in a conversation about the issues gentrification has caused in our communities, and steps we can take to mitigate harmful effects in order to preserve our collective cultural identities.

The Power of U in Community
Dyonne Bergeron
12:30 - 1:45 pm | UMC Glenn Miller Ballrooms

In this workshop, we’ll explore the notion that every one of us possesses greatness and only by nurturing it can we realize our full potential and power. Recognizing and embracing our unique strengths can lead to self-empowerment, increased personal resilience and even inspire those around us to tap into their potential. Thus, the power of U is the heart that gives life and light to community. Workshop participants will be asked to engage in reflective thinking and group exercises designed to stimulate personal growth and deepen the sense of community at CU Boulder. 

Empowerment Dinner 2020: Strength, Courage & Wisdom
Dyonne Bergeron and Marcus Glover
6 - 7:30 pm | UMC Glenn Miller Ballrooms

Join the Center for Inclusion and Social Change for the first annual Black Diamond Empowerment dinner in celebration of Black Excellence Month. The program aims to empower the CU community by highlighting the strength, courage and wisdom of the Black experience. Attendees will be guided through reflective exercises which will facilitate the understanding of how both intent and impact are essential for effective empowerment, community building and inclusive excellence on campus and beyond.