Published: Aug. 12, 2019

This September, the CU Boulder will upgrade its learning platform to LinkedIn Learning and expand access to all CU students.

LinkedIn Learning incorporates videos, courses and practice exercises focused on developing skills you’ll use in the classroom and workplace. Plus, it offers ways to personalize your learning.

For the best learning experience, Employee Services recommends students create a personal LinkedIn profile. According to LinkedIn, 9 out of 10 company recruiters use it to find eligible candidates. During the hiring process, 75% of managers look at LinkedIn profiles to learn more about a candidate. It is a great way to build a professional network for your future career by connecting with classmates, volunteer acquaintances, professors and others. 

If you connect your personal LinkedIn profile to CU LinkedIn Learning, you’ll get recommendations for videos, courses and other trainings relevant to your major and career goals. Professors will also be able to share collections of assets for classes, such as watching a video or online exercise. When you finish a course, a badge will be awarded and can be displayed on your profile. 

Start your profile today. When CU LinkedIn Learning debuts, you’ll be ready to unlock the full potential of the platform—and your professional growth.