Published: July 24, 2019

A view of recycled materials on a conveyor belt

(Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

If you’ve made some sustainable changes in your life and are ready to step up your involvement, here are some ways to start.

Lead by example

We are most influenced by the actions and attitudes of those around us. The sustainable choices you make can prompt others to do the same. Lead the way by riding your bike, shopping at thrift stores or carrying your reusable water bottle.

Keep learning

There are many ways to keep learning about the sustainability issues important to you:

Volunteer with friends

Volunteering can be a fun and educational way to make a difference. There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Environmental Center throughout the year. The Volunteer Resource Center can also connect you with various organizations in Boulder County.

Vote with your dollar

What you choose to buy (or not buy) can have an effect on what is brought to market. Making decisions to buy local, fair trade, organic, recycled or used can add up. Not making a purchase can also send a powerful message. You can take it a step further by letting a company know why you did or did not choose their product.

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