Published: Dec. 18, 2018

Congratulations, you did it! As we reach the end of finals, be proud of the hard work you’ve done to finish the semester strong. I encourage you all to spend some time over the next few weeks having fun, relaxing and recharging.

Dean of Students Sandy Jones

Dean of Students Sandy Jones

If you’re graduating this week, an added congratulations! I wish you the best of luck in the future. If you are returning after winter break, I also encourage you to spend a few moments to reflect on your past semester. What went well? What classes did you enjoy, and why? What could have gone better? What can you adjust to finish even stronger next semester?

Over winter break, many of us will be spending time with family. Reconnecting after time apart from loved ones can bring a sense of feeling grounded and rejuvenated, but it is important to acknowledge it can be stressful, too, especially when we anticipate conflict.

I have learned that starting difficult conversations from a place of empathy can help me stay calm and respectful. If you are looking for support, your CU community is here for you, even while you are away. If you have a moment, I encourage you to check out SilverCloud, our online tool and app that supports emotional and mental well-being.

I hope each of you can find some time and space over winter break to think about the spring semester ahead and how you can prepare. Consider internship opportunities, your involvements or create a bucket list of things to do before graduation.

Take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you in January.

Sandy Jones
Dean of Students