Published: Sept. 17, 2018
Diversity and Inclusion Summit attendees sit in a circle

At the request of the revising committee for the Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence Plan (DIAEP), CU Boulder Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement Bob Boswell today announced he has granted an extension to the posting of the plan—originally scheduled for Sept. 17—with community town halls set to begin immediately after publication.

A new posting date for the plan is targeted for later in the fall semester and will be announced soon.

“The extension allows the committee to more thoroughly explore the plan’s recommendations and their implications for new and existing policies, and to receive focused feedback from content experts on various aspects of the plan,” said Daryl Maeda, Arts & Sciences associate dean and co-chair of the revision committee for the DIAEP.

Revising committee co-chair and Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy Chief Human Resource Officer Merna Jacobsen agreed, saying the extension would also “allow the DIAEP revising committee to incorporate the community’s input on those aspects of the Academic Futures report that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion into its revisions of the DIAEP.”

The Academic Futures report is currently under 30-day community review by the campus. 

Boswell supported the extension, saying it had the additional benefit of “focusing the campus exclusively on the separate input processes for Academic Futures and the Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence Plan.” 

“This is too important a moment to rush the process,” Boswell said.