Published: Sept. 4, 2018

The Strategic Facilities Visioning project team last week began its “Deep Dive” engagement with colleges, schools and support organizations from across campus, laying the groundwork for the year ahead.

Art and Art History building on campusAs Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability David Kang noted last month in his letter to campus announcing the kickoff of the initiative, Strategic Facilities Visioning is a collaborative yearlong effort aimed at creating “a framework for facilities decision-making for the next 30 years.”

The first three months of this four-phase process will be spent in the Deep Dive phase. Working with “visionaries” nominated by leaders from each unit, the project team will take stock of institutional benchmarks, gather data and analyze individual strategic plans and visions. This work will provide a holistic view of individual program visions as Strategic Facilities Visioning moves into the Scenario Planning, Vision Strategy and Operational Planning phases.

The campus community should keep an eye out for the announcement of upcoming town hall sessions, feedback from which also will be incorporated into the Deep Dive efforts. The lists of visionaries representing each campus unit, meanwhile, are posted on the Strategic Facilities Visioning website. These visionaries will be involved throughout the yearlong initiative and will serve as valuable liaisons between their units and the overall Strategic Facilities Visioning efforts.

Initial outreach and discussions with visionaries have already yielded valuable insights as the project team endeavors to create a unified, university-first vision for facilities that supports the changing education and research landscape.

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