Published: July 5, 2018

As I’ve said before, it takes a lot of year-round work to make a university run. Over the summer term, the Strategic Resources and Support (SRS) team keeps our day-to-day operations running while rolling out upgrades, improvements and changes.

One project that will particularly influence our employee experience is the launch of the new CU Boulder Jobs website, applicant and position tracking system. This system will improve the onboarding experience for new CU Boulder employees, as well as enhance the recruitment and position-management process for our hiring authorities. You will hear more about the platform as recruitment for faculty and research faculty goes live at the end of this summer.

Kelly Fox

Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox

The launch required extensive collaboration from SRS areas like Human Resources, Office of Information Technology and Strategic Relations and Communications, as well as coordinated stakeholder involvement across campus. I extend my congratulations to all who have worked—and continue to work—on this important project.

I would also like to extend my congratulations to two leaders on our campus who have expanded their responsibilities to help us meet the challenges of the modern university environment head-on.

First, join me in congratulating Valerie Simons who has joined the SRS team, reporting to me as associate vice chancellor of Institutional Equity and Compliance and the campus Title IX coordinator. Valerie has taken a nationally recognized leadership role in her area of expertise, and we have made key advancements under her direction as we seek to address discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct on our campus.

Next, I’d like to thank Carla Ho-a for stepping up and taking on the role of deputy chief financial officer for CU Boulder. Carla brings a wealth of experience to this expanded role on campus, and was named associate vice chancellor for Finance and Business Strategy in May 2017. In her new role, Carla is now responsible for much of the day-to-day financial business of the campus, and I am grateful for the support and insight she will bring to the work. As chief financial officer for CU Boulder, I am working closely with Carla and our colleagues on campus financial strategies and priorities, and the execution of our fiduciary duties for our institution.

The Strategic Relations and Communications (SRC) team launched a new website recently, along with expanded trainings and resources for our campus communications professionals. Over the summer, SRC is leading focused workshops on coordinated messaging, as well as continued trainings and open labs for the Web Express platform and our eComm users.

Perhaps most visible will be the facilities upgrades and changes that will continue to roll out over the summer. The new CASE building is having departments start to move in. You may be driving around the sidewalk improvements on Euclid right now. Work will begin soon on a new bridge over Boulder Creek, and the new aerospace building recently celebrated its topping out ceremony. In ways big and small, our Infrastructure and Sustainability teams are making our learning, working and living environments more amazing each day.

This is a small selection of the work being done—and the key personnel accomplishing the work—this summer. Thank you to everyone for what you’re doing to keep our university moving forward.

With regard,

Kelly Fox,
Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO