Published: Feb. 21, 2018
Peace Corps volunteer in front of sheep on snowy hill

CU Boulder is ranked No. 11 in the nation for graduates serving as Peace Corps volunteers, with 56 alumni currently serving around the world, the Peace Corps announced today. CU Boulder also is among the top five volunteer-producing universities of all time, with 2,504 alumni having served in the program since it was established in 1961.

In the annual Top Colleges list, CU Boulder has held a position in the top 11 nationally among large institutions for the past 16 years, ranking in the top three for nine of those years.

The Peace Corps ranks its top volunteer colleges and universities according to student-body size, putting CU Boulder in the “large colleges and universities” category. Large schools have more than 15,000 undergraduates.

Topping the large-schools category in 2018 are the University of Wisconsin-Madison at No. 1 (85 volunteers); the University of Washington at No. 2 (74 volunteers); and the University of Minnesota at No. 3 (72 volunteers).

In 2017, the city of Boulder ranked No. 3 among top metropolitan areas per capita with 9.8 volunteers per 100,000 residents.

For more information, visit the Peace Corps at CU Boulder website or call 303-492-8454.