A Presidential Call to Service

“Today our world is smaller and more interconnected than ever before,” said President Obama in the new public service announcement.

“And it presents us with an extraordinary opportunity: to connect with people in some of the most remote corners of the globe and show them that America is paying attention, that we care, and that we're here to help. That’s what the Peace Corps is all about.”

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Peace Corps Application Process

“More than 50 years after its founding, the Peace Corps is revitalizing its recruitment and outreach to field a volunteer force that represents the best and brightest the country has to offer,” Director Hessler-Radelet (RPCV Western Samoa 1981-83) said. “A modernized, flexible application and placement system will help Peace Corps recruit Americans who are not just interested in imagining a better world, but rolling up their sleeves and doing something about it.”

About the Peace Corps

The mission of the Peace Corps is to promote world peace and friendship by providing qualified volunteers to interested countries in need of trained manpower, by fostering a better understanding of Americans on the part of the people served and by fostering a better understanding of other people on the part of Americans.

The agency fulfills the Peace Corps' mission of providing people to people development assistance at the grassroots level and cross cultural exchange by fielding as many volunteers around the world as it can appropriately recruit, train, program and support at the budget level approved by the congress.

About Peace Corps at CU

CU ranks No. 8 in the nation with graduates serving in the Peace Corps and has been in the top 10 for a decade. In 2010 and 2011 CU held the #1 position for Peace Corps recruitment in the nation, with 117 and 112 alumni serving abroad, respectively. Thanks to the over 2,000 CU graduates who have already answered the call to service since Peace Corps was established in 1961.

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