Published: Feb. 7, 2018
Employee workshop at CU Boulder

CliftonStrengths is a free tool CU Boulder is using to provide employees knowledge, skills and experiences to foster strengths-based conversations that lead to increased well-being and belonging across campus.

Staff and faculty are invited to participate in free professional development workshops facilitated by the Strengths Advisory Committee; register online or email with any questions. 

My strengths positively impact my experience as a CU student because they keep me on task and stress levels down. This information helped a lot with my first year.” –CU Boulder student

Strengths Introduction 

Through this interactive session, learn about Strengths theory and build knowledge of Strengths to motivate the CU Boulder community to maximize their talents. Upon attending this session, learners will develop a preliminary understanding of Strengths theory, recognize how personal Strengths manifest in daily life and understand how CU Boulder integrates Strengths into the campus community.

Pre-requisite: Completion of the CliftonStrengths assessment

Friday, March 2, 9–11 a.m., C4C
Monday, April 23, 8:30–10:30 a.m., C4C

Strengths in 1:1 Conversations 

Apply Strengths theory and expand familiarity with other Strengths to improve individual conversations and relationships. During this session, learners will cultivate an increased appreciation and understanding of Strengths outside of their top five and will utilize tools and practice having a Strengths-based conversation.

Knowing my strengths will influence my performance in college by giving me insight to which areas I will be most effective in during group projects and presentations. I will be able to focus on what I am good at and leave the areas that I am not as strong in to my teammates.” –CU Boulder student

Pre-requisite: Strengths Introduction (or another Strengths workshop) at CU Boulder

Monday, April 23, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., C4C

Strengths in Supervision 

Through active participation in this session, learners will be able to explain how their Strengths influence their supervision, understand principles of Strengths-based management and engagement, build knowledge of Strengths-based questions and identify at least one new strategy to incorporate in their supervision approach.

Pre-requisite: Strengths Introduction (or another Strengths workshop) at CU Boulder

Friday, March 2, 12–2:30 p.m., C4C