Published: Feb. 1, 2018

Students meet employers at 2015 career fairTechnology is an ever-changing industry, and the need for skilled professions to fill positions in this industry are in high demand. Don’t miss your chance to network with more than 90 employers hiring for jobs and internships this year. Companies such as Lockheed Martin, Ricoh, Amazon, Facebook, Cree, Plexus, Webroot, Xilinx and more will be on campus Thursday, Feb. 8, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the UMC ballroom. Please bring your Buff OneCard.

Navigating the Technology Career Fair can feel daunting, so here are six quick tips to help you feel prepared and make the most of the upcoming career fair.

Prepare in advance.

Career Services offers workshops prior to the career fair to better prepare students for what to expect at the event. Get peer-to-peer advice on your résumé and best practices for approaching employers at the fair.

  • Resumes that Rock!: Monday, Feb. 5, 5–6:30 p.m. in C4C N352
  • Navigating the Career Fair: Tuesday, Feb. 6, 5–6:30 p.m. in C4C N352

Do your research.

You can see a list of employers who plan to attend the career fair on Handshake (previously Career Buffs). Make a list of employers you’d like to speak with and familiarize yourself with their products, services and recent news.

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Tips for building the perfect résumé

Employers often spend only 30 seconds scanning a résumé. Follow these quick tips to make sure your résumé is a compelling depiction of your skills and experiences.

Dress to impress. 

Put your best foot forward by dressing professionally. Aside from your résumé, your appearance is the recruiters' first impression of you. Your job fair attire should support your image as a professional who takes the job search seriously and understands the nature of the industry you want to work in. 

Nowadays, the term “business professional” means something different for every industry. As for students seeking their first job or internship, it is better to dress more professionally than to be too casual.

If you do not have a suit, dark slacks or a skirt paired with a blouse or button-up and tie is the next best thing. Wear nice, comfortable shoes. Avoid too-tight clothes and overly bright colors with distracting designs.

Visit Career Services on Pinterest to get some professional style inspiration.

Come prepared.

Career fairs are open to both current students and alumni, so be sure to bring your Buff OneCard for entry. You should also bring multiple copies of your résumé—some employers ask you to apply online, but having a paper copy to hand them while you talk can be helpful—as well as pen and paper to take notes after you’ve spoken.

A bag drop will not be available at the fair, so do not bring a backpack. A small carrying bag or portfolio is all you need. Avoid taking calls or texts or being on social media while at a potential employer’s booth. Cell phones should be off, on vibrate or, better yet, at home to not distract you from networking.

Practice your pitch.

Practice introducing yourself and letting employers know what you’re looking for. Start by stating your name, year in school, major or area of interest and talk about some relevant skills or experiences. Ask questions to start the conversation with the employer. 

Follow up.

If you received a business card or contact information from a company representative, send them an email. Reintroduce yourself (they meet a lot of students) and thank them for their time. Check our events calendar to see if they will be on campus for another event to further connect.