Published: Dec. 19, 2017

As our community focuses on the last few days of the fall semester, I am reflecting on the energy and engagement found across campus at the start of this academic year. It has been an inspiring few months, including a new round of innovation grant proposals, major announcements regarding accessibility in education at the State of the Campus and the launch of the Academic Futures initiative.

Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox

Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox

The beginning of this month also saw the first all-staff gathering of Enrollment Management, Finance and Business Strategy, Human Resources, Infrastructure and Safety, Office of Information Technology, and Strategic Relations and Communications—an event demonstrating our commitment to reimagining how we do our work.

In partnership with the leadership team in these areas, I am actively supporting cross-team collaboration and innovation. We are opening up new lines of communication, removing inefficiencies and bringing even more focus to our mission of supporting our students and the research enterprise. Reflecting this unified approach—while we still have our area names—collectively our group will now be known as Strategic Resources and Support.

What I love about this name is that it represents what I see our team members doing every day—the forward planning as well as each moment of engagement that stewards our university’s mission. Higher education is at a pivotal point, examining both its role in society and how knowledge is delivered, and this dynamic team is well-positioned to support this evolution.

Whether it is Academic Futures, innovation grants or fresh approaches to everyday processes—I want to thank everyone who is engaging in this reimagining work while we continue to excel in the teaching, learning and discovery that characterize CU Boulder. I know the momentum you are building will bring an amazing finish to the semester and lay the groundwork for a vital future. Your leadership, engagement and imagination are truly appreciated.


Kelly Fox,
Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO