Published: Nov. 15, 2017

Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs Jeff Cox
Vice Provost and AVC for Faculty Affairs and Convener of the Academic Futures Campus Conversation Jeff Cox

Research & Innovation Office Grand Challenge Director of Strategic Projects Emily Cobabe-Ammann
RIO Director of Strategic Projects and Facilitator of the Academic Futures Campus Conversation Emily CoBabe-Ammann

As we have arrived at the end of our Academic Futures facilitated campus conversations—and moved on to shorter forums—we want to thank the faculty, staff and students who have attended and offered great ideas about CU Boulder’s future in conducting research, engaging in creative work, teaching and providing service to students and the campus community.

There is a good deal more engagement to come, but what we’ve heard so far has ranged from the pointed and direct (the need to change some things that exist) to the visionary (we need to create some things that don’t). The people who have attended have come with open minds and generous hearts, seeing the possibility of change and transformation. That idealism has been inspiring to us as we have convened and facilitated these vital campus conversations.

From here on, we will continue to gather ideas, visions and directions. Faculty forums will continue through Dec. 11, discussing topics that faculty have told us—in town halls, departmental meetings and facilitated conversations—they wish to explore further.

Additionally, we are accepting white papers through Dec. 15 and now have more than 30 white papers posted (with several in the process of being posted). Each week sees more of these great pieces arrive, so check the site several times weekly to see the latest in what your colleagues are thinking about regarding the future of CU Boulder.

As the semester draws to a close, we’ll enter a quiet time to process the totality of input, but expect to hear from us again at the close of the semester about how you can stay engaged and provide input through new avenues as the Academic Futures Committee begins its work.

Again, we thank you for your time and attention in this watershed conversation for our campus community and invite you to continue to participate as we move ahead.

Jeff Cox,
Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs
Convener of the Academic Futures Campus Conversation

Emily CoBabe-Ammann,
Director of Strategic Projects for the Research & Innovation Office
Facilitator of the Academic Futures Campus Conversation