Our greatest asset in this visioning effort is our community. You have great ideas about where we should be headed. To make sure that we hear all of these ideas, campus leadership invites you to gather together and develop community white papers.

Some guidelines:

  • Topics for campus discussion? A vision for who we want to be? A picture of what the future could look like? A critical synergy we are not taking advantage of? Anything that is important to you and your community
  • Target 3-5 pages
  • Due: Jan.15, 2018 but welcome at any time

Abstracts of the white papers will be posted on the website and will be used to inform conversations at future community meetings. Note: please feel free to submit white papers anonymously.

(For information accessibility, please do not submit PDF files unless absolutely necessary. Please submit text – .doc, .docx, .txt – files so they can be checked for accessibility and then converted into a PDF for sharing on the website).