Published: Nov. 10, 2017

Involvement is a significant part of the college experience. It’s an opportunity for students to connect, establish friendships and explore their passions. For our student cadets, involvement is not only important, it is often fundamental to their personal and professional development.

CU Boulder’s Army cadets—known as the Golden Buffalo Battalion—are multifaceted, well-rounded and highly engaged students. Their extracurricular involvement is a direct reflection of their leadership and determination. The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AROTC) enrichment activities program provides cadets with close companionship, camaraderie and the opportunity to face challenges that prepare them for successful futures. 

Colin Campbell, a senior cadet studying architectural engineering, reflects on the cohesiveness of the enrichment activities: “My favorite part of the AROTC program is the camaraderie and challenge of it. Never before in my life have I been constantly and completely tested. More importantly, the friends I have gained through the program will without a doubt be a part of my life for decades to come.”

The AROTC enrichment activities range from physical endurance, to building resiliency and discipline, to celebrating military traditions.

“After competing in six Ranger Challenge competitions in less than four years, success and failure have shaped me into the leader I am today,” says Cary Sullivan, a senior cadet studying computer science engineering. “Above all, the varsity sport of AROTC has taught me to be a member of a team and to lead a team—an invaluable experience.”

Because these activities provide life-advancing training and skills for our students, preparing them for endeavors both in and out of service, CU Boulder’s goal is to help ensure these activities remain free for all student cadets.

“The AROTC program surrounds me with focused people in an environment that does nothing but promote success. Its structure keeps me on track, but in a way that is enjoyable,” says Joseph Bond, a sophomore cadet studying mechanical engineering.

And our cadets’ involvement doesn’t stop with AROTC. Many stretch their interests and passions beyond the military and into clubs and sports—ice hockey, crew, fraternities—or outside of campus gaining work experience, such as lifeguarding at the YMCA or volunteering in ministry. Our cadets do these extracurriculars all while balancing academics.

Essentially, our cadets are dedicated to involvement: finding activities that are integrated with their futures, perspectives and success. For more information about our student cadets, please visit the Golden Buffalo Battalion website.

Golden Buffalo Battalion Enrichment

If you’re interested in helping us maintain free enrichment activities for all of our cadets, please support their crowdfunding campaign for 2017–18 enrichment activities.

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