Published: Oct. 2, 2017
Instructor helping students

The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program (FTEP) is pleased to announce the publication of Making Teaching and Learning Visible (MTLV) course portfolios, which aim to exhibit CU Boulder faculty’s intellectual inquiry in designing course curricula, assessing results, critically evaluating student learning and developing models of inclusive pedagogy.

Peter Newton, assistant professor in environmental studies and MTLV faculty member, describes what makes MTLV of value in teaching:

"In my mind, the innovation of the MTLV is not the content of the courses that we are teaching but rather the fact that we are making our pedagogy, course development process and our challenges and insights more visible and accessible than they have historically been. The content could be anything . . . The fact that those things are visible to others (for them to judge, learn from, adapt, relate to, etc.) as they wish is what defines MTLV."

During academic year 2017–18, FTEP will work with its second group of professors, meeting once a month for guided portfolio design, assistance though peer discussion and problem solving, and the opportunity to exchange helpful hints from everyone’s experiences.

FTEP invites you to visit their website to see the six published MTLV course portfolios. Questions, comments? Email FTEP director Mary Ann Shea at