Published: Aug. 30, 2017
Ralphie's Corral on gameday

Having a campus function where alcohol is served may seem like a small thing, but many people don’t realize our campus policy requires Colorado state legislative authorization and the navigation of many legal statutes. CU Boulder Today talked with our campus alcohol agent to learn the history and procedures behind the Alcohol Service on Campus policy.

5 things you should know about the Campus Alcohol Policy
  • An alcohol authorization form must be submitted at least 15 days in advance of your event.
  • The event must follow the information submitted on the form (no exceptions).
  • Private events must have correct signage.
  • Outside venues will always require a security presence.
  • There must be a previously printed list of invited guests on site.

Bette, tell us a little bit about you and your role as the campus alcohol agent.

I’ve been with CU Boulder since February 2007 and worked in the Office of Information Technology before joining Student Affairs. As part of Student Affairs, I am currently in UMC Events, Planning & Catering as the campus alcohol agent. I’ve been serving in this role for four years, and I teach the TIPS server classes and the Alcohol Service on Campus policy classes as well as manage the alcohol authorization process.

The policy was created so we can have events with alcohol—many people don’t know that an open container of alcohol is not permitted except in licensed facilities or “private events.” As a public institution, we are governed by a Colorado state law that bans open containers on public land—and that includes our campus, indoors and out. As a result, we must follow the Alcohol Service on Campus policy.

What events are covered by the policy?

Any event serving alcohol that either takes place on the campus or is paid for in whole or in part by university funds. This includes events held off campus at a residence or park. We have a full FAQ on the "Events with Alcohol" webpage that can walk people through a lot of the questions and decision-making that is required for hosting this type of event. Here is a full schedule of all of the training sessions I host, including the Alcohol Service on Campus Policy classes.

If I attend one of your Alcohol Service on Campus Policy classes, what am I going to learn?

I co-present the policy class with the CU Boulder Police Department (CUPD) and University Risk Management. We go over the background of our policy and help people understand its elements and procedures, and we discuss how people can advertise their event and the signage required at the event. We even have a handy checklist event coordinators use to make sure they are satisfying all procedures in the policy

What are some of the stipulations about advertising an event that will be serving alcohol?

The only public events that can serve alcohol are those with special event permits or in licensed facilities. If you are hosting a private event, it must be clear in the advertising and/or registration/invitee list that it is only open to your registrants/invitees to attend, and a previously printed list of attendees must be used to check in your guests.

There seems to be a heightened requirement for security at events with alcohol, why is that?

Events are evaluated with a security matrix, and this helps our event coordinators set their budget. Security is an essential element of complying with the law and makes sure we have our attendees’ safety at the top of the list. Outside events will always require security, and I evaluate events using the matrix as a guideline to make sure we’re meeting requirements set by the CU Boulder Police Department and the State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. I make a recommendation to CUPD, but CUPD has the final say in how your events will be managed for security.

If people have any questions, how do they get in touch?

I look forward to hearing from people and helping them set up fun, safe and compliant events. You can always give me a call at 303-492-3269 or email if you have any questions.

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