Published: May 11, 2017

STEM faculty and instructors discuss course designSTEM faculty and instructors are invited to explore infusing research into course design during the fall TRESTLE Scholar Program. The application deadline is Thursday, May 25.

The Center for STEM Learning (CSL) and TRESTLE (Transforming Education, Stimulating Teaching and Learning Excellence), a CSL project to support improvements in undergraduate STEM education, also offer several course-development grants and personalized assistance in a variety of topics.

TRESTLE Scholar Program

The fall program titled "Exploring course-based undergraduate research experiences: How can I design a course in which students begin to see themselves as scientists?" allows faculty and instructors to engage in a semester-long experience, applying evidence-based teaching practices.

TRESTLE Scholars is a way to get your feet wet with active learning and/or curricular design with hands-on practice in a supportive community. Departmental cohorts are especially encouraged to apply. Lisa Corwin (EBIO) and Pamela Harvey (MCDB) will facilitate the program. Apply online before May 25.

TRESTLE Mini Seed Grants

Mini grants are intended to support the mission of increasing the use of evidence-based teaching practices in STEM departments. Awards of up to $1,000 are given, with an average of two awards available per semester. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

TRESTLE Course Transformation Awards

This fall, keep your eyes out for TRESTLE "Type II" course transformation awards of up to $10,000. 

Intended for faculty with existing expertise in course transformation, these grants support course development or renovation work, including assessment, active-learning and other evidence-based practice. Projects with potential to engage faculty across the department are of particular interest.

CSL Educational Advisor Program

If you need quick help in STEM teaching, the CSL Educational Advisor Program offers personalized assistance with a variety of topics specific to teaching in STEM from individuals with professional expertise in a variety of areas. Visit the program website above for the extensive list of advisors.

For more information, contact the project PI Stephanie Chasteen at