Published: Feb. 28, 2017
Euclid AutoPark

Contstruction continues at the new Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE), located atop the Euclid Parking Garage. 

Other things to keep in mind as Euclid Parking Garage reopens:

  • The EPG remains part of an active construction site, and Parking and Transportation Services staff urge users to remain alert when walking and driving in the parking garage.

  • Permit holders who parked in Lot 204 prior to the EPG closure have received emails from Parking and Transportation Services regarding the timing and process of returning to their former lot.

  • The service parking lot between the University Memorial Center and CASE will remain closed to daytime pedestrian traffic indefinitely to maintain safety around the construction site. The loading docks at the UMC and Cristol chemistry building remain accessible to delivery vehicles. Additionally, there are three ADA-accessible parking spaces in the service lot and ADA-accessible spaces near the chemistry building that remain open for use by showing gate attendants a parking placard.

  • The clearance height of the EPG entrance will be 8 feet, 2 inches. Clearance height for the ramp and both lower levels will be 6 feet, 9 inches.

  • As the sidewalks on the south and east sides of the garage remain closed, a pedestrian path will be painted across Euclid Avenue at the southeast corner of the site, giving garage users exiting there access to the sidewalk across the street to the south. Weather permitting, a more formal crosswalk will be painted in that location on Saturday, March 4.

  • The dismount zone for cyclists and skateboarders along the north side of the CASE construction site remains in effect.

  • 18th Street from Euclid Avenue to the north will remain a restricted pedestrian and transit zone exclusively for the use of buses and service and delivery vehicles during business hours.

The Euclid Parking Garage (EPG) at the corner of 18th Street and Euclid Avenue will reopen at 6 a.m. Wednesday, March 1.

The 364-space structure formerly known as the Euclid Autopark, which includes ground-level parking and two underground levels, has been closed since Oct. 10, 2016, to accommodate construction of the new Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE). The 116,000-square-foot CASE building is designed to serve as a gateway to campus and will house key components of the Office of Admissions and various other important student and academic services.

Construction of the CASE building atop the EPG remains ongoing and is slated for November completion.

The vehicular entrance and exit for the EPG remains at the southwest corner of the structure, off Euclid Avenue. While construction of CASE is still underway, pedestrians will be able to enter and exit the garage at the northwest and southeast corners. An elevator at the northeast corner of the structure will immediately provide ADA-compliant access to all three levels. However, the permanent ADA-compliant entrance/exit to the garage at the northeast corner will not open until summer. In the meantime, the entrance/exit at the northwest corner will be ADA-compliant.

Once reopened, the EPG will be open 24 hours. Two two-week closures are anticipated during the summer months to align with needs of CASE construction and maintain a safe working environment. Dates of those closures will be communicated as they are finalized.

While the vehicular entrance point remains the same, the ground level of the garage will have a slightly different traffic flow, which will be well-marked for patrons. Maps and temporary wayfinding signs will be installed throughout the top level starting March 1, with permanent wayfinding signs to be installed March 13.

Payment kiosks will be present at the northwest, northeast and southeast corners of all three levels of the EPG. From 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, the EPG rate is $2 per hour for up to three hours. After three hours, the rate is $4 per hour. The parking fee is a flat rate of $4 from 5 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. each weeknight and all day Saturday and Sunday. Kiosks accept payment by credit card, coin and Parkmobile (Zone 6334). This parking garage is also subject to special-event parking arrangements.

Parking and Transportation Services and Facilities Management staff would like to thank the campus community for its cooperation and patience during the EPG closure as we work to maintain a safe construction site around CASE.

Ongoing updates regarding both the CASE project and the status of the parking garage can be found on Facilities Management’s Cone Zone website.

CASE from north

Rendering of the north side of the new CASE building