Published: Feb. 23, 2017

Police officer stands next to white vanEarlier this week, the CU Boulder Police Department (CUPD) received a call about a man acting suspicious around one of the bike racks on campus.

When the police arrived, the man was gone, but, thanks to the person who took the initiative to call, CUPD was able to get a description of the van he was driving.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and Boulder Police Department (Boulder PD) had a report of a man stealing a bike from in front of Café Mexicali on Baseline Road, just east of campus. The van from that report matched the van that was reported earlier to CUPD officers.

After hearing the report from Boulder PD, CU police officers spotted that van at 30th Street and Marine Street and stopped the van. Not only was the bike from the Café Mexicali theft found in the van, another bike was found strapped to the back of the van.

Because the bike was registered through the CU Boulder Bicycle Program, the owner was quickly identified and notified. Turns out it had been stolen from East Campus so recently the owner didn't even know it was gone.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the Boulder County Jail.

This story highlights two very important lessons. First, remember the rule “See something, say something.” If you see something that doesn't seem quite right, whether you are on campus or off campus, call the authorities.

Secondly, bike registration is extremely important in reuniting you with your bike if it is stolen (and in getting you free routine maintenance at the CU Bike Stations). Bike registration is easy and can be done online.