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Bicycle Program Updates 

Semester Rentals

Our semester rental drive was a huge success! We are now out of the $30 refurbished mountain bikes. There should be more available in September. 

The bike program is still offering a Premium Rental Fleet by appointment only. This fleet of brand new bikes consists of Fairdale Daybirds that have a 3 speed internal hub, fenders, and chain guard. The price structure for this rental is $300 deposit, $50 first semester, $20 each additional semester. 

For more information please email call 303-735-BIKE.

UMC Bike Station Re-Location

The UMC Bike Station has moved to it's new location on the north-west side of the UMC by the Dalton Trumbo fountains. Come check out the new spot, and get your bike tuned up.


Fall Semester Clinic Schedule 

  • 9/6       Basic Bike Maintenance & Flat Repair
  • 9/20     Brake Systems Maintenance
  • 9/29     Cycling for Women
  • 10/4     Derailleur Systems Maintenance
  • 10/11   Basic Bike Maintenance & Flat Rerair 
  • 10/18   Drive Train Maintenance
  • 11/1     Hub Maintenance
  • 11/15   Replacing Broken Spokes & Wheel Truing
  • 11/29   Open Workshop 

Up Next:
Cycling for Women 9/29

In the United States less than 30% of cyclists are women. Women have unique concerns and barriers to cycling for recreation and as transportation. This clinic is meant to address these needs so that women can feel comfortable and confident riding. The topics addressed in the clinic will be: Basic bike anatomy, route finding, traffic safety, bike fit, tools etc to carry, ABC quick check and fix a flat.
This clinic will be one hour in duration and would be followed by an hour of open shop time during which students could work on their own bikes. Please register online first under the clinics tab

Bicycle Program Services UMC Station

Through out the school year, the UMC and Folsom bike stations are open Mon-Fri, 9:00-5:00 to help keep your bike in working order.

Bike station mechanics are unable to work on bikes that have not been registered. Be sure to register your bike. We will happily register your bike at either station for no charge during normal business hours.

Biking is a fun, clean, and easy way to get around campus as well as the city of Boulder and beyond. Biking as a primary form of transportation helps reduce our negative impact on the environment, is an excellent form of exercise, and could save money that would otherwise be spent on gas and parking. CU has many programs to offer students to make acquiring, maintaining, riding, and parking bikes a breeze. Programs include:

Other ServicesLock Cut

  • Missing Bike. If your bike went missing on campus fill out the missing bike inquiry form. We will check to see if your bicycle was impounded and get back to you within 72 hours. If we didn't impound your bike, but it was registered, we will reply to you with the needed information to file a police report. 
    • Possibly impounded if the rack is gone, your bike appeared to be abandoned, or many other bikes in the area were flagged and removed.
    • Likely stolen if you had ridden it in the last 72 hours, but is now not where you left it or the cut lock is left on the ground. If you are certain your bike was stolen and it wasn't registered you should report the theft to CUPD and Boulder PD. If your bike was registered CUPD will be able to look up your registration file with a bike description, serial number, and ownership information to be used in the police report.
    • Bikes blocking access (such as those attached to hand rails) may have been removed by CUPD, 303-492-6666.
  • covered bike parkingFree bike registrations online or at the bike stations. Super easy, access to no cost repairs at bike stations and mobile mechanic, proves ownership, and deters theft.

commuteBike Commuter Email List

The goal for the list is to share information specific to bike commute related topics and events, like Bike to Work Day, and to get feedback about how we can improve our services/outreach for cyclists. 



Add yourself to the list in three easy steps:

 Send email to:

 Leave subject line blank

Body of email: SUBSCRIBE buff-bike-commuters

(make sure SUBSCRIBE is all caps and that there is no signature line or other text in the body of email)

This email list is distributed by Parking and Transportation Services.

      Check out our Bike Station Mechanics in action!

      Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at or call 303-735-BIKE.

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